Giving puppies away after just 30 days is a national tragedy

Giving puppies away after just 30 days is a national tragedy

May 15, 2018

As a new survey reveals one in ten Brits buying a puppy give it away after just a month, pet insurance tech expert Aquarium Software says the finding reflects poor attitudes to pet ownership across the country.

Too few of us realise the true cost or commitment of ownership and fail to consider insurance as an essential option to offset unexpected costs should a puppy become poorly.

 A YouGov poll commissioned by Aquarium showed that while 21 percent in the East Midlands would be prepared to spend more than £3,000 to save their pet’s life, in London,16 percent would not be prepared to spend any money at all to save the life of their pet.

Clearly, money is a big decider for many would-be owners.

 “Given 69 percent of UK owners see pets as just as important to the family unit as the humans, it is a surprise that over a quarter in a recent Forthglade survey found the realities of pet parenting too much,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“That 54 percent knew they had bitten off more than they could chew as soon as they got home is staggering.

It is a tragedy so many go into dog ownership with eyes apparently firmly shut. It is a big responsibility and there is a cost, but with planning and the right insurance policy, a pet provides years of pleasure. Buying a pet on a whim should be deemed as socially unacceptable as drink driving,” said Mark.

 The puppy population is having a hard time.

The government is attempting a crackdown on the national scandal of rogue puppy breeders and a glut of mutts on the market can persuade people to have a punt on a pet, without thinking through the realities.

A quarter said the damage puppies caused to the house was also a factor in ultimately giving it away – again, all a result of failing to plan ahead.

“A puppy is not a Nintendo you can just switch on and off when you are bored. After nearly 40 years of ‘a dog is for life’ campaigns, it is incredible this message still needs repeating at every opportunity,” concluded Mark.