Pet parents’ pampering pooches poses pawful problem

Pet parents’ pampering pooches poses pawful problem

May 18, 2018

The rise of extreme pet pampering may prove a threat to pets if left unchecked, says Aquarium Software.

Aquarium believes the trend is important to understand, if insurance is to replace outlandish procedures as the ultimate pet pampering product.

The RSPCA has warned extreme pampering risks pets being viewed as objects, yet owners putting pets in for facials, pawdicures and spa days spend hundreds on unnecessary treatments.

72 per cent of them do not have insurance when the cost of vet treatments is rising.

This, despite a YouGov poll showing 69 percent of owners see pets as important to the family unit as humans.

Next generation technology is helping insurers give products a more human face to cater for the eight percent of people impressed by insurers remembering a pet’s name and birthday; while dog tours of London and cat cafes have become the norm in recent years.

The pet treatment industry is unregulated and while some focus on animal welfare others seem willing to do anything.

Grooming is important but doesn’t mean dyeing dogs rainbow colours is a good idea.

Some breeds are prone to skin conditions, and technology can identify seeming trivial trends, on which more serious issues can depend.

“Many of us humanise our pets to a greater or lesser extent,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“This is mostly well intentioned and harmless. Pamper days are anthropomorphism in action, yet it can have a sinister side.

Pets aren’t people and treating them as such, we risk killing them with kindness. If people want to pamper pets, insurance is the way to do it and the industry need to make it more attractive,” added Mark.

“Designer dogs are on the increase and the challenge is to lead owners from extreme pet pampering into practical products like pet insurance,” added Colonnese.

“Insurance cannot transform a pet’s coat into a rainbow, but shows your true colours as a responsible owner,” concluded Mark.