Euston closure is timely reminder of need to insure UK travel

Euston closure is timely reminder of need to insure UK travel

Oct 01, 2018

Recent travel chaos at one of London’s busiest transport hubs, Euston station, serves as a reminder to travellers that insurance can be equally as relevant at home as abroad. August Bank Holiday Monday saw thousands of passengers delayed due to Euston station upgrades, and while train operators may have allowed passengers to re-route or re-book alternative travel, the knock-on effects to your travel plans and the increased costs caused by the inconvenience can be significant.

 It’s not just airline delays or failures that can ruin your travel plans; the great British holiday can also fall foul of transport system glitches and consumers would be wise to do a little more homework, according to insurance tech specialist Aquarium Software.

“Everyone’s situation is different and we all have differing travel cover and needs.

That’s why it’s important to look at the small print and understand that for an increasing number of people choosing to holiday in the UK, domestic travel insurance may have a value,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“With travel insurance costing as little as £2 for destinations within the UK, it’s really a no-brainer to cover your UK trip, especially if it is your annual family summer holiday that’s been put at risk by any home based travel disruption”, added Mark.

While you might be able to rely on the NHS in the UK, what many transport and travel operators will not cover is the knock-on costs of missing connections; not being able to make check-in times/dates for hotels etc; and the overall effect that problems on their network have on your holiday.

“If your trip is one of the most important family events of the year and your financial investment in it is one that you want protecting, it makes absolute sense to view UK travel in the same way as travel abroad, and make sure you have comprehensive travel cover,” concluded Colonnese.