It’s the joy of techs for women when it comes to winter travel

It’s the joy of techs for women when it comes to winter travel

Oct 30, 2018

Nearly three fifths of the British public who have been (or are planning to go) on a winter sports holiday, said a smartphone app would be useful; and when it comes to the battle of the sexes, women are definitely on top.

In a new YouGov online poll commissioned by travel tech specialist Aquarium Software, 65 per cent of women agreed with the usefulness of a smartphone travel app that uses your location to check your travel insurance cover and make recommendations to ensure adequate cover, versus 53 per cent of men, who came in five per cent below the national average (58%).

The comprehensive survey of over 2,000 adults exposes the attitudes of the British public into travel and winter sports and the big surprise was the differences between the sexes when it comes to tech and travel cover.

“Sexist attitudes that it is only boys who love their toys have been debunked by this survey into winter sports and travel insurance,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“Part of this no doubt reflects the fact that the number of people travelling alone has trebled in the last seven years and 58 per cent of these travellers are women.

Smartphone apps provide the confidence for women to go it alone and new geo location services are going to give women more of what they want at the swipe of a finger.”

Next generation travel apps are no longer science fiction. Young solo travellers are finding pay as you go insurance attractive option and apps like the ones Aquarium Software has in development can suggest types and levels of cover based on your location and likely activities in that locale.

“Apps mean the days of forgetting to secure appropriate travel insurance will soon be in the past,” added Colonnese.

“The level of sophistication is such, that the software will remember the things you like to do in a given location and add that level of cover to your policy accordingly.

This is already leading some in the industry to offer comprehensive, no quibble cover, such is the power of these emerging tech platforms,” concluded Colonnese.