The age of compulsory travel insurance has arrived, says Aquarium

The age of compulsory travel insurance has arrived, says Aquarium

Oct 12, 2018

As Egypt considers compulsory travel insurance for tourists in the wake of the deaths of British couple John and Susan Cooper, travel tech specialist Aquarium Software says more countries are likely to introduce such rules and that technology can help travellers stay in line with the changes, particularly in a post-Brexit world.

 Countries like Cuba and Russia already insist travellers have insurance before allowing them into the country and the concept is no bad idea.

Visitors should always be covered by insurance and tech is a great enabler, helping holidaymakers avoid making innocent mistakes.

“As more people travel further afield and engage in statistically riskier activities and excursions, it is inevitable that the number of incidents will rise,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“New smart tech means your insurer can know when you are in a country where insurance is compulsory and adjust your level of cover accordingly, so you have the right cover for your specific trip,” he added.

Different insurers can class certain countries and regions differently, so while some providers classify Egypt as ‘Europe’ others in fact classify Egypt as ‘Africa’.

This can mean you may not be covered if you have Europe only cover.

This applies to travel to Russia too, as football fans this summer would have discovered perhaps to their cost. West of the Urals can class as ‘Europe’, but move east of the Urals, and you may need Asia cover.

“Compulsory travel insurance is not a new idea, but together, smart tech and insurance on the fly can mean fewer people fall foul of innocent mistakes that unwittingly invalidate their policy,” said Colonnese.

“Geo location technology has many advantages, and this is undoubtedly one of its strongest benefits,” concluded Mark.

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