People with disabilities deserve travel insurance too

People with disabilities deserve travel insurance too

Sep 07, 2018

Travel tech specialist Aquarium Software has welcomed news that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is to work with the insurance industry to create a new service for the disabled. The move is an admission that some consumers continue to find it a challenge to access specialist travel insurance. With 13,000,000 people in the UK living with a disability, Aquarium Software says thoughts now need to turn to how technology can help a group neglected for far too long source appropriate, affordable travel insurance.

People with disabilities almost certainly need a generous level of comprehensive cover and while Aquarium argues that all should have this in an ideal world, the disabled should insist. Aquarium advises sourcing an insurer that will cover the loss of say, a wheelchair or other specialist equipment. Some policies can cap medical expenses, or not cover emergency repatriation. Those with disabilities should try and insist on this cover. Apps are a great way to go; there are many now that have been developed in association with disability groups, ensuring they are fit for purpose.

“The news has been awash with the travel woes of people with disabilities,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “It is estimated that 4,000,000 people with a disability do not travel, because they don’t think they can. This is a shameful state of affairs. While we can’t do much about the nuts and bolts, there is a lot we can do to see that travel insurance works just as well for those with disabilities as everyone else. We therefore welcome the FCA’s announcement warmly,” added Mark.

“Our tip is to seek out specialist providers,” said Colonnese. “It is true you can pay a little more, but experience suggests this is more than justified by the comprehensive cover afforded. Technology means there is a lot more we can do to get people travelling. It is important to be clear about your specific conditions and this is easier with specialist providers who understand and are more geared up to help. Organising cover early not only ensures cancellation cover should you need it, but can also act as a note to operators (such as airports; airlines; and train companies) of the dates you will be travelling and of any assistance you will require. This can make the process much easier and avoid some of the unacceptable incidents we have read about recently,” concluded Mark.