Puppy love’s persuasive power set to hit UK boardrooms

Puppy love’s persuasive power set to hit UK boardrooms

Sep 17, 2018

News that veterinary pet insurance company Nationwide suggests that 33 per cent of Fortune 500 companies now offer pet insurance to workers (a figure that is set to almost double to 60 per cent by the end of 2018), should have ears pricking in HR departments and Boardrooms on both sides of the pond.

Deloitte; Edelman; and Walgreen are just some of the big names providing such benefits to pet-loving employees Stateside. With 62 per cent of US households owning pets, it’s no wonder that pet insurance benefits are set to double by the end of 2018.

With many US companies now offering ‘pawternity leave’ to their employees - giving them up to a week of paid time off to care for a furry friend in their lives – it is a reminder of the incredible emotional bond that exists between pet and owner; this is something which technology specialist Aquarium Software says is an increasingly smart move by companies looking to add real value to employee incentive packages.

“In a highly competitive global employment market, cash alone is not always king when it comes to employee benefits,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“We’ve seen with our own eyes the power of allowing staff to bring their dogs to work, for the annual Bring your Dog to Work Day we’re involved with here in the UK, for example.

Added to the personal feel-good factor of having your pet with you for a day’s work is the unquantifiable benefit derived from the uplift in staff morale, and the positive impact it can have on clients and visitors,” added Mark.    

Aside from providing employees with paid leave to care for their pups, US companies are increasingly offering a pet insurance discount; providing free dog food and snacks; and guaranteeing paid sick leave and bereavement time for their pets, recognising pets as fully paid-up members of the family.

“Our own YouGov research shows that 69 per cent see pets as just as important to the family as humans in the UK (72 per cent in the US).

As the corporates race to hire top talent, it’s surely only a matter of time ‘til we see these benefits spread more widely to the UK and other territories,” concluded Colonnese.