Travel insurance medical Ts & Cs need a check-up, says Aquarium

Travel insurance medical Ts & Cs need a check-up, says Aquarium

Sep 12, 2018

Tech specialist Aquarium Software has added its voice to a growing lobby looking to de-mystify medical Ts and Cs in the travel insurance sector. A recent study from the Financial Conduct Authority found that one person who had low grade bladder cancer with no ongoing requirements was charged a staggering £450 for a six-day trip to the US.

Additionally, Macmillan Cancer Support states that some of its patients get charged thousands of pounds or can’t afford to go away at all.

With so many people affected by cancer and other pre-existing medical conditions, it is perhaps therefore little surprise that some travellers take a chance and travel insurance-free, to avoid the lengthy detailed phone call followed by a sky-high premium.

Equally as concerning are the people that take the cover out and kid themselves they are protected, only to find out that the precise reason they especially need cover is the self-same reason that invalidates their claim. The industry as a whole is starting to get its act together.

In the meantime, consumers should be aware of niche specialist providers who cater for specific medical conditions or activities, according to Aquarium.

“The price comparison websites (PCWs) are great if your needs are standard and there are no pre-existing medical conditions at play. For senior citizens and those with specific medical conditions, you should take some extra time and shop around for specialist providers,” said Mark Colonnese, Director at Aquarium Software.

“The same is true of extreme sports and activities,” said Mark.

“If your poison is climbing or cycling, for example, arguably the specialist member organisations are better geared up to cover these specific activities than the standard insurers. Check out the British Mountaineering Council and Cycling UK.

You might find that you get special member discounts that will offset the cost of their annual travel cover, if these activities are part of your lifestyle rather than just an occasional holiday indulgence,” concluded Colonnese.